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Employment Highlights

AirTank, Inc. - Peterborough, New Hampshire (remote)

Senior Front-End Engineer January 2021 to current

  • E-commerce templating using Liquid, CSS, and HTML.
  • Created Shopify templates for high-volume e-commerce sites.
  • Performed ADA accessibility compliance audits and performed necessary changes to improve those scores.
  • Implemented performance improvements including Sass modularization and transpilation, lazy loading, responsive multimedia assets, and a reduction of unnecessary DOM manipulations using CSS Grid and media queries.

3BL Media - Northampton, Massachusetts (remote)

Lead Front-end Web Developer, January 2015 to March 2020

  • Traveled to India to meet with executives of offshore outsourcing companies. Hired a developer to assist with projects.
  • Lead architecture and development of front-end sites using Drupal 7, Ember, React, and Jekyll.
  • Recommended tools and processes to increase collaboration across the team, such as Slack, Jira, GitHub, and agile.
  • Modular Sass, CSS-in-JS, CSS Grid, JavaScript ES6, HTML, GraphQL, React, NodeJS, Express, Apollo.
  • Built bespoke custom email generator utilizing the SendGrid API and Mustache templates.

Newforma - Portland, Maine

Software Engineer, May 2014 to January 2015

  • Converted all legacy hand-coded CSS stylesheets to modular Sass/Compass workflow.
  • Configured and began to roll out Zurb Foundation 5, including Bundler for Ruby gem dependency management. Initiated the process of transforming the site from a static, desktop-only experience to a more responsive layout using Foundation’s grid system.
  • Attended jQuery Conference, Chicago.
  • Worked within the team during Agile training and implementation to successfully roll out a scrum development process.
  • Transitioned key areas of the site from traditional synchronous processing to a more modern, asynchronous process.
  • Subversion, jQuery, Foundation, Bundler, Compass, Sass, CSS, HTML, AJAX, CLI

GreatLocal - Portland, Maine

Senior Web Developer, September 2013 to May 2014

  • Implemented a highly modular Sass architecture for improved performance and maintainability of CSS stylesheets.
  • Integrated CSS sprites and both custom and Font Awesome icon fonts which replaced jpegs and lead to decreased page load times and fewer image assets (HTTP requests) and reduced designer workload.
  • Developed all site pages in a mobile-first, responsive way using media queries, DOM manipulation with jQuery to provide the best possible experience to users of most devices, with fallbacks for less-able devices and connections.
  • PHP, MySQL, Mercurial, Compass, SourceTree, Sublime Text, jQuery (+ UI).

Transit Web Services - Maine (remote)

Senior Web Developer, June 2013 to September 2013

  • Back-end development in Drupal 7 for large and small organizations.
  • Git, Apache, MySQL, PHP, jQuery, CSS, Active Collab.
  • Some maintenance of non-CMS HTML and PHP legacy sites, as required.

Auto Europe - Portland, Maine

Web Developer, August 2012 to June 2013

  • Member of a nine-person development team
  • ColdFusion, FarCry, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Mercurial, CVS, Jira, Sass
  • Developed and maintained complex international web applications with which clients could rent vehicles online

Outside Television - Portland, Maine

Web Developer and Social Media Strategist, August 2010 to August 2012

  • Managed all homepage content including scheduling, creative assets, etc.
  • Developed custom PHP Drupal modules to automate routine tasks
  • Built Drupal 7 site from the ground up, front- and back-end.
  • Maintained local, development and production site environment version control using git
  • Built site features using jQuery, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Drupal modules such as Views
  • Responsible for YouTube channel, Twitter account, Facebook page and a dozen blogs
  • Created custom Facebook apps to display Outside TV video content.
  • Worked directly with industry content providers to acquire video assets for the site

Saco Bay New Media

Freelance Web Designer/Developer, 2010

  • Designed and developed data-driven, search engine optimized, usable web sites for clients using standard technologies including PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS and web content management systems including WordPress and Drupal
  • Managed all domain registration and hosting
  • Set up Google Apps, including Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Contacts, etc.
  • Used popular application programming interfaced (API) including Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr

Tri-County Mental Health Services

Web Developer, 2009 to 2010

  • Managed life-cycle of web-based executive dashboard/business intelligence project
  • Designed SQL Server 2005 database schema, wrote insert and update queries to populate tables with data from disparate and non-normalized data sources, and wrote queries to extract and aggregate relevant data for client-side manipulation and display
  • Extensively used PHP, CSS, MS SQL, and HTML to develop dynamic web-based interface for displaying high-level charts and data tables of critical business metrics
  • Developed dynamic charts using JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery’s flot and tablesorter library plugins, and JSON data transfers from server to client
  • Wrote PHP and JavaScript algorithms using object oriented programming methods wherever possible for reusability and maintainability
  • Created modular design with interactive, JavaScript and CSS-based site navigation
  • Worked closely with subject-matter experts and business leaders to understand the organization and project requirements
  • Documented database architecture, business processes and program logic


Wichita State University, 2006

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Mathematics Minor

  • CS Courses: Data Structures and Algorithms (I and II), Discreet Structures, Operating Systems, Theoretical Foundations, Assembly Language, Unix, Digital Design, Programming Paradigms, Relational Database Systems, Programming Language Concepts, Software Engineering, Information Delivery on the Internet
  • Applications and languages: MS Visual Basic, C, Assembly, Modula-3, Perl, PHP, Oracle8i, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, shell scripts, JavaScript

Community College of the Air Force, 1999

Associate of Applied Science, Avionics Systems Technologies

Selected Skills and Abilities

  • A+ Certified Service Professional
  • FAA Certified Private Pilot <~ It could come in handy. :)


  • Southern Maine Web Developer User Group
    • Presented on Sass
    • Presented on Charles Proxy
  • Drupal User Group
    • Presenter at April 2012 meeting on Features module, gitolite, and IRC as a development resource
  • jQuery Conference, Chicago - 2014
  • Acquia Engage, Boston - 2016
  • DrupalCon, Baltimore - 2017
  • React Boston - 2018